Wednesday, September 24

Lincoln Jesser

I'm madly in love with Lincoln Jesser. Part singer-songwriter, part electro-pop, part shoe-gazer, part indie-dance, it adds up to create an act that instantly catches your ear with gleaming melodies and impassioned lyrics.

On Sunday I was lucky enough to catch him play the Roxy at the Sunset Strip Music Festival and it was exceptional:

Compelling indie-dance with emotional undertones that are instantly familiar - love, struggling to make it work, lust, growing up different. The lyrics are catchy and clear; they elevate him from being just another dance-pop guy to being an artist providing his audience an experience to listen, feel and dance it out.

He's young but not inexperienced. With a couple of EPs to his name and a few collaborations, he's poised to take on even more. I look forward to seeing what's next for him.

Catch him live at Los Globos in Los Angeles on October 3rd.

In the meantime, check him out on Soundcloud (here) or Spotify (below)

Brand new album Modern Color available for purchase on iTunes, or listen on Spotify:

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