Tuesday, July 1


Originally found via her second year at South by Southwest, I am madly and deeply in love with Jetta. Soulful, lyrical verses meet sentimental choruses for instantly catchy emotional journeys. Each song could be the soundtrack to a dozen moments of my life (or maybe this is already your soundtrack?).

This one kills me every time: Feels Like Coming Home (acoustic, in order to highlight the voice & lyrics):

If the song sounds familiar, Google used it in their Zeitgeist 2013 video of notable events of that year.

Her voice is incomparable - she sings in emotion rather than notes. Here's another stripped down example of how powerful voice compels her lyrics deep into my soul:

Her big, soaring, high energy jam is not to be messed with either - Start A Riot is intended to do exactly what it says it will. Already used on movie soundtracks, undoubtedly coming soon to more (TV? Commercials? Trailers?), this song is undeniably exciting and catchy. Perfect for summer afternoon troublemaking:

Buy her album from iTunes, and her next one will be released in the US soon, which includes the song Crescendo, which is my new favorite jam:

Here's her album on Spotify:

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