Tuesday, May 13

Neighbors Soundtrack

Over the weekend I saw Neighbors - a movie that had no business being as funny as it is. Raunchy and ridiculous, it's a dual between a frat boy dealing with graduating into the real world and a brand new mom & dad struggling with feeling like their party days are behind them.

Beyond the LOLs, there's an astute, party-focused soundtrack that captures the essence of the movie - classic college-party booty-shaking jams from the past decade that summarize both the adults' and the kids' musical vernacular. It could stand on its own as an upbeat cocktail mix or early-in-the-night dance party album. No surprise, Tom Wolfe & Manish Raval were the Music Supervisors for this movie (their other credentials include Donnie Darko and Southland Tales, as well as countless other movies as well as TV shows like Girls and Community).

Buy it on iTunes here, listen to my unofficial playlist on Spotify there:

(not all the songs are on Spotify, especially not the excellent Missy Elliott + Black Keys mashup that opens the album, and the unnecessarily catchy Flo Rida song Freaking Out, both included below for your listening pleasure!)

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