Thursday, February 20

Zero to SIxty in the Passenger seat

Back in 2007 there was this amazing album by this random band named Passenger. I'm not even sure how I found it at first, but regardless, I bumped this album on repeat for a year. Even to this day I get these songs stuck in my head.

Example: Night Vision Binoculars (aka, one of my favorite stalker songs)

But after releasing Wicked Man's Rest, the lead singer Mike Rosenberg left the band and took the name Passenger with him as he busked around the world, collaborating with other folk artists, and discovering himself. And then in 2012 he released his album All The Little Lights including Let Her Go. A great song amongst many others; a song that built momentum through 2012 to a furious pitch in 2013 that landed him the recognition he deserves.

I am not the one to say he sold out. Indeed, his sound is very much his and it has maintained through. I'm not going to be all hipster and say that his new stuff isn't as good. But I am going to be forceful in saying that if you like folk-pop, you really need to go back and check out Wicked Man's Rest.

More Passenger love: here's track 12 from All The Little Lights being performed last year:

And for the deep house lovers, Passenger's gorgeous Feather on the Clyde being remixed by Stefan Biniak (free download!):

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