Friday, February 28

members of fun. are just as fun as fun.

Coachella a few years back brought me this silly band called fun. and their unbelievably catchy song Walking the Dog:


Their name doesn't lie. Coming from three different bands (notably Jack Antonoff was the lead of Steel Train) to create fun., they have made two full length albums that are both gorgeous (Aim & Ignite is profoundly underappreciated - see: Walking the Dog (above), Benson Hedges, All the Pretty Girls).

Of course, I don't have to tell you about We Are Young and Some Nights being standout, emotive, anthemic tracks that have solidified a place for fun. in the annals of music history.

While they plan to stay together, they have graduated to the level of collaborating with their new-found peers to create note-worthy side projects. Nate Reuss already ran off to do solo work with P!nk amongst others. Now, Jack Antonoff has revealed his project called Bleachers including a release of the first single from his album due this spring. Gleaming, indie-rocky and catchy, it's an anthem about choosing to overcome obstacles. Something that's hitting close to my heart right now.

Anyway, listen, buy it on iTunes and enjoy it:


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