Friday, February 21

Bright Light Bright Light shines with Elton John

First off, I swoon about Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas). Gleaming, bittersweet and evocative, his lyrics are amplified in his desperate, breathy vocals:

His album Make Me Believe in Hope was a pulsating dance soundtrack complete with crying on the dance floor. And topped by his later release of the exact same album but stripped down to him and a piano. Heartbreak city. For example, here's that song above, but just him and a piano.

Well, for a positive spin on breaking up, enter recently-announced-Bonaroo-performer Elton John via a co-production with Bright Light Bright Light:

Turns out Elton was a fan of Make Me Believe in Hope, so one thing led to another and they are singing together. Everyone wins. I look forward to the full EP on April 7th.

And in case you want to cry on the dance floor, this is the one. This was the first song of his that grabbed my ear:

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