Friday, February 28

members of fun. are just as fun as fun.

Coachella a few years back brought me this silly band called fun. and their unbelievably catchy song Walking the Dog:


Their name doesn't lie. Coming from three different bands (notably Jack Antonoff was the lead of Steel Train) to create fun., they have made two full length albums that are both gorgeous (Aim & Ignite is profoundly underappreciated - see: Walking the Dog (above), Benson Hedges, All the Pretty Girls).

Of course, I don't have to tell you about We Are Young and Some Nights being standout, emotive, anthemic tracks that have solidified a place for fun. in the annals of music history.

While they plan to stay together, they have graduated to the level of collaborating with their new-found peers to create note-worthy side projects. Nate Reuss already ran off to do solo work with P!nk amongst others. Now, Jack Antonoff has revealed his project called Bleachers including a release of the first single from his album due this spring. Gleaming, indie-rocky and catchy, it's an anthem about choosing to overcome obstacles. Something that's hitting close to my heart right now.

Anyway, listen, buy it on iTunes and enjoy it:


Friday, February 21

Bright Light Bright Light shines with Elton John

First off, I swoon about Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas). Gleaming, bittersweet and evocative, his lyrics are amplified in his desperate, breathy vocals:

His album Make Me Believe in Hope was a pulsating dance soundtrack complete with crying on the dance floor. And topped by his later release of the exact same album but stripped down to him and a piano. Heartbreak city. For example, here's that song above, but just him and a piano.

Well, for a positive spin on breaking up, enter recently-announced-Bonaroo-performer Elton John via a co-production with Bright Light Bright Light:

Turns out Elton was a fan of Make Me Believe in Hope, so one thing led to another and they are singing together. Everyone wins. I look forward to the full EP on April 7th.

And in case you want to cry on the dance floor, this is the one. This was the first song of his that grabbed my ear:

Thursday, February 20

Zero to SIxty in the Passenger seat

Back in 2007 there was this amazing album by this random band named Passenger. I'm not even sure how I found it at first, but regardless, I bumped this album on repeat for a year. Even to this day I get these songs stuck in my head.

Example: Night Vision Binoculars (aka, one of my favorite stalker songs)

But after releasing Wicked Man's Rest, the lead singer Mike Rosenberg left the band and took the name Passenger with him as he busked around the world, collaborating with other folk artists, and discovering himself. And then in 2012 he released his album All The Little Lights including Let Her Go. A great song amongst many others; a song that built momentum through 2012 to a furious pitch in 2013 that landed him the recognition he deserves.

I am not the one to say he sold out. Indeed, his sound is very much his and it has maintained through. I'm not going to be all hipster and say that his new stuff isn't as good. But I am going to be forceful in saying that if you like folk-pop, you really need to go back and check out Wicked Man's Rest.

More Passenger love: here's track 12 from All The Little Lights being performed last year:

And for the deep house lovers, Passenger's gorgeous Feather on the Clyde being remixed by Stefan Biniak (free download!):

Wednesday, February 12

Erik Hassle, far from "Pathetic"

Erik Hassle is catchy Swedish goodness. His soulful voice along with emotive lyrics resonate so well. A new EP is out in March and here's one of those tracks. Can't wait!

Other Erik Hassle songs of note: Don't Bring Flowers:

One Last Ride (with John Dahlback, for the electronically minded):