Monday, January 13

Holy Ghost! - Late review

Holy Ghost! mostly perplexes me, while simultaneously propelling my chair-dance-party. On one side they have catchy melodies and a driving tone that draws me in. Unfortunately, they don't deliver the same catchiness with lyrics on a regular basis, and this album seems to be far from the regular basis. A little of this may be blamed on this being their sophomore album so I have to give them that benefit of the doubt while also hoping they continue to develop as musicians.

Don't let my 'meh' review dissuade you from spending time with their new album. Dynamics was released last year and I just now found out about it (something that I'd rather not admit to), but as with the previous album it took awhile for their songs to fully resonate. The doorway to that album was Hold On, and now Okay is my doorway to their new album. Driving beats and crisp lyrics give a melancholy recognition of the context around a drunk phone call. 

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